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March 19, 2020

On behalf of Pioneer, I wanted you to know how we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with how we're proceeding with current store operations.

Our top priority has always been to the safety of our employees, service partners, the communities in which we live, and to the customers we serve. Our focus during this crisis is twofold; to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all persons while safely maintaining operations to continue fulfilling orders.

In short, we are taking all measures possible to ensure that we can continue to support your needs.

• We are carefully monitoring the situation and following guidance from the World Health Organization and other health authorities.

• Employee wellbeing is a top priority.
    o Social Distancing is in place allowing all Customer Service to continue
    o Rigorous cleaning and disinfecting of our workspaces
    o We are encouraging all employees to follow health authorities’ best practices

• Our inventories are robust, and we expect only minor, if any, interruptions in our supply chain. We will continually work to provide the high service levels you have become accustomed. Pioneer will optimize our capacity in all locations putting inventory to the shelf.

• While we look forward to continuing to serve you during this time, we recognize that a protracted situation could cause possible interruptions to our supply chain. It is our commitment to you that if we see these developing that we will alert you immediately.

An essential element in this process is a clear understanding of your ongoing situation. If, as things progress, your needs happen to change due to facility closures and/or restrictions, we ask that you please communicate this to us as soon as possible. Working together will help ensure that Pioneer is in the best possible position to service your movement forward.

Thank you for your continued support of Pioneer, our people and our products. Now, more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of the partnership between our companies. Please stay safe and we look forward to moving ahead together!

Bill Cousins
Vice President